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[Stewardship] Our Stewardship Ministry is an integral part of membership at Saint Philip and embodies the true spirit of free will giving. It is also a primary example of how we attempt to bear fruit, with God's help, at our parish. Stewards are encouraged to give their time, talent and treasure, proportionately, meaningfully, and freely. Our parish has nearly 300 families that participate in a wide range of programs from youth ministries to adult education efforts; our mutual Stewardship holistically supports all of these efforts, in addition to the care of our beautiful Church and campus.

Every December (this year on Sunday, December 15) we kick off the coming year's Stewardship campaign with a thoughtful Stewardship Sunday event, and our faithful complete a Commitment Card, indicating their heartfelt response to God's many gifts. They endeavor — with all their heart, soul, strength and mind — to follow through with their commitment throughout the year. The 2020 theme, drawn from Ecclesiastes 3, is "A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven," inviting us to look more closely at the "time" aspect of our Stewardship commitment. Indeed, so often we put much more emphasis on the also worthy "talent" and "treasure" aspects; we must remember that the sacrificial offering of our personal time is also a huge part of how we thank God for His grace and generosity in our lives.

Of course, one of the most powerful ways we can make good spiritual use of our time is to devote a good deal of this precious resource to the prayerful contemplation and actualization of our Stewardship commitment. This helps enable both the holy efforts of individual parishioners and the corporate efforts of our Eucharistic community, as we all strive to serve His life-saving Church. This is a tremendous (and "timely") spiritual opportunity for us all. We hope and pray all our parishioners will respond to it with open, gracious and generous hearts.

And initiating your response is a simple 2 step process:

1) Print the Commitment Card below, prayerfully consider your commitment, complete it and bring it to Stewardship Sunday on Dec 15/forward it to the Church Office. In addition to collecting your basic contact information (don't forget your email!), it has space to indicate your gifts of time, talent and treasure and offers insights into the meaning of Stewardship.

2) Actualize the financial aspect of your Stewardship via the "Give Now" selection below. This is the most convenient way to give — but of course, please use whatever method is best for you and your family. For the sake of our ministries and parish life, we ask our Stewards to release funds as early in the year as possible, rather than waiting until the end.

Rest assured, Fr. Alex and our ministry leaders will be there to help you actualize your "time" and "talent" at Saint Philip throughout the year, and every "treasure" offering will be received with humility, respect and appreciation. To learn more or if we can assist you in any way, please contact the Church Office. We will gladly connect you with a member of the Stewardship Ministry Team.

Thank you for your generous Stewardship in 2020!

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IMPORTANT: If you want anything other than annual billing, please only put the first payment amount here. It will be invoiced today.

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In the special requests section of the Payment page (the next page of this process), please include the following information on your pledge.

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If you want anything other than annual billing, our office will set it up for you based on what you put in the special requests section on the next page.

The first payment will be today. If you have not selected annual invoicing, please indicate when you wish to schedule your next payments. Examples: First of every month, 10th of every month, Quarterly with the next invoice on November 5th, etcetera.

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