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"For indeed a house is a little church." — Saint John Chrysostom, Homily 20

In addition to "Saintly Lives," we hope this page provides some inspiration and ideas in guiding our families closer and closer to our Lord — specifically, in bringing the life of the Church into our homes! To this end, each month an activity, reflection or idea will be offered by a member of our parish family or related church leader. Hopefully, it will give us something to run with each month with our children, whether we have 5 minutes or a few hours to spare. Some offerings will be based on such topics as coming feasts, the seasons, matters of timely interest, and so on.

Enjoy! And please contact Fr. Alex to offer your own submission for a coming month.

September 2016

[For Your Home] Seeing Fall Colors with New Eyes — Offered by Fr. Alex


Several years ago, my family lived close to an old cemetery in Wayland, MA. On fall days, it was a favorite of ours to take longs walks and enjoy long talks. Also, within that place of rest, the fall colors provided much inspiration, including this simple activity, which can be as brief or long as you like.


Help our children learn about the liturgical colors of the Orthodox Church.


Gather a piece of white/light construction paper, a marker and some glue. Do a quick read of this article about the liturgical colors of the Orthodox Church for guidance:

Doing It

This fall, take a walk with your children — and make it a leaf collecting expedition! As you enjoy and play along the way, collect as many colored leaves as you can, especially the following colors: green, gold, red, blue (I know this one will be a stretch!) and purple. When you get home, discuss with your children how the colors of the leaves, part of God's beautiful Creation, are reflected in the way we celebrate different holy times at Church. The altar cloths and clergy vestments show this: Green, Pentecost; Gold, Easter & Feasts of the Lord; Red, Feasts of the Cross/Martyrs, etc. Glue the leaves to the construction paper and help your children label them as a fun reference piece to the entire Church year which, you can also tell them, actually begins on September 1 — another neat connection to the fall season.

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