2015 Parish Leadership

[Fr. Alex Chetas]
Fr. Alex Chetsas, Pastor

Fr. Alex grew up in Newburyport, Massachusetts and has been at St. Philip since 2012. He has served parishes in California, Florida, and the Boston area. He is the shepherd of our parish and works to draw our faithful closer to God and grow the ministries and programs of our parish.

Parish Council

Our Parish Council is an elected group of faithful parishioners who are called to co-minister and co-administrate at St. Philip alongside Fr. Alex. They serve our parish with dignity, commitment and love.

[Parish Council]
Our 2015 leadership team
  • Jorge Panteli, President
  • James Spargo, 1st Vice President
  • William Polychronopoulos, 2nd Vice President
  • Mark Cloutier, Secretary
  • Jamie Pappas, Treasurer
  • Denise Coulombe, Assistant Treasurer
  • Jeff Basile
  • Gregory Danas
  • George Eftimiou
  • Matthew Matsis
  • Joseph Pappo
  • Malcolm Paradise
  • Douglas Philipon
  • Dmitry Zogin

Past Parish Councils
Saint Philip Greek Orthodox Church, 500 West Hollis Street, Nashua, NH 03062
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